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Pickup and Return Policy:

The buyer will pick up the puppy between the time the puppy is 8 and 10 weeks old otherwise there will be a $20.00 a week boarding charge plus any expenses unless agreed upon and noted by the Seller. Two (2) weeks or more, from the time the puppy is 8 weeks old with no attempt to make pickup arrangements and the buyer forfeits puppy and any deposit monies received with no option to obtain another unless agreed on by the seller in writing.

This dachshund puppy is now a member of your family and is never to be mistreated or abused in anyway or taken to an animal shelter. If you find you cannot keep the puppy for any reason please notify me and I will take him/her back under any conditions. Puppies are always welcome back no matter the circumstances, but if it is your choice to return the puppy to me there will be a only be a 50% refund of the purchase price of that puppy.

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